The Quiet Room

Songwriting duo Amanda and Josh Farrell have a dedicated obsession to create stories which serve as a barrier against the darkness that permeates all our lives. Their newest endeavor does just that, weaving heavy music with intricate vocals and intelligent lyrics to tell eleven stories of darkness, depravity, obsession, and depression.

Set in a fictional asylum, each song tells the story of a different character, sometimes inmate, sometimes alienist, and sometimes the line is blurred. Through the eyes of these characters, Neverlight shines, and magnifies, light upon the inner turmoil that we all feel. Who is the monster, and who the man, and who is fit to decide the state of mind of another? Decide for yourself on your own journey into The Quiet Room.


Neverlight was born out of darkness, out of fear, and out of the possibility of loss. In 2012, vocalist Amanda Farrell was diagnosed with cancer. Though the word "cancer" is fearsome enough, even more terrifying to Amanda was the very real possibility that surgery would damage her voice. To someone who derives so much happiness and peace from the simple act of singing, such damage would be devastating. However, after she recovered from surgery and realized that her voice was intact, she knew she was meant to use it.

Partners Josh and Amanda had been writing songs together since the early 2000s, so it was very natural for them to focus their energies into a cohesive project. After releasing an EP and full-length album with local talent, the duo decided that Neverlight's vision would be better served as a studio project, with artists brought in as necessary to help create the best music possible. Neverlight is about to release their second album, The Quiet Room, with that format.

Neverlight tells stories set to music. These stories forge out of dark metal and melody the armor we need to survive and to conquer. We live in darkness, uncertainty, and chaos, and we are not afraid.


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