Gothic Dystopian Metal

Find solace
on an epic journey
into the darkest corners
of the human mind

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"...pushes all dramatic, pompous fashion." - Power Play

Nova Red

Dystopian gothic prog for the dreaming cynic!

About Neverlight

Join Neverlight as they take you with them on a journey through the pain and sorrow, the dreams and hopes, the victories and failures that we all share. Let it change you, and find strength in the change.

"Exciting, imaginative female-fronted symphonic prog-metal!" - Rock Society
"Neverlight succeeds with an impressive album that embodies the genre as established by the likes of Nightwish, Epica..." - Fireworks
"...the album is dark, yet deeply rich and complex, and a wonderful example of histrionics and melody working in beautiful harmony." - Power Play
"Loving this band so far! Can't wait for more songs!" - Erik
"Just got the free download of Moonlight Fire. This song kicks some serious ass!" - Brian
"You may just give another dark metal band I enjoy a run for their money. Loved this!" - Janeen
"Very good band with a stunning album. Really! Try them!" - Sarah


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